Women Build

Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver organized its first Women Build in 1995, and volunteers were responsible for organizing every aspect of the build including soliciting in-kind donations, hiring a female supervisor, coordinating the volunteers and even digging the foundation!  Although a lot has changed during the last 20 years, Women Build remains a strong program with a clear mission.  The Women Build program has three goals:

  1. Engage women with Habitat’s mission of working in partnership with low income families to provide affordable housing.
  2. Teach women construction skills.
  3. Raise funds in support of Habitat for Humanity’s homeownership program.

Over the last 5 years Women Build has developed several new programs to help achieve the 3 goals.  Volunteers interested in engaging with Women Build can participate in Women Build Women Build Week as well as the Adopt-a-Day program.    


Women Build Week

Last year Habitat's Women Build program hosted 150 women through the third annual Women Build Week.  During Women Build Week, we framed and roofed two homes in four days!  On the first day of the build only the floor was be in place and by the last night all of the walls and the roof were completed.  It usually takes Habitat 3 weeks to complete this much work, which is why Women Build Week is such an exciting concept.  

Women Build Week is a fundraiser.  Each Women Build Week participant is asked to help support the project financially as well as through volunteer labor.  Participants volunteering for one day of the build are asked to raise a minimum of $250.  Individuals interested in volunteering for multiple days are asked to raise a minimum of $250 per day. 

Each participant receives a t-shirt, women who raise $500 or more receive a customized hardhat, participants who raise $750 or receive a pink toolbelt and participants who raise $1000 or more receive a pink hammer, utilizing knife and measuring tape.

Women Build Week 2018 
Women Build Week 2018 took place in July at Sheridan Square. Over 200 women raised walls, trusses, and more than $53,000 on two homes!

If you are interested in participating in future Women Build events please email Jeanne Fischetti to be added to the list of interested Women Builders. 

Adopt-a-Day Sponsorship Program

Adopt-a-Day sponsors provide the two resources that are needed in order to construct a Habitat for Humanity home - funds and volunteer labor.  The funds raised through the Adopt-a-Day program are utilized to purchase the necessary building materials including lumber, siding, drywall and paint.  In addition to contributing funds, Adopt-a-Day sponsors are invited to provide teams of volunteers to help build the Women Build house. 

While Adopt-a-Day sponsors are usually companies or associations, families and groups of friends are also encouraged to participate. 

$10,000 Sponsorship Level 
Sponsors at this level help to pay for the construction materials needed for one week of construction on the Women Build sponsored home.  $10,000 Sponsors are entitled to 4 volunteer days.  Each volunteer day can accommodate 10 people. 

$5,000 Sponsorship Level 
Sponsors who contribute at the $5,000 level provide the funds needed to pay for two days of construction materials on the Women Build sponsored home.  $5,000 sponsors are entitled to 2 Women Build volunteer days with 10 volunteer spots available per day.  

$2,500 Sponsorship Level 
Sponsors at this level help to pay for the construction materials needed for one day of construction on the Women Build sponsored home.  $2,500 sponsors are entitled to 1 Women Build volunteer day with 10 volunteer spots.

Women Build sponsor volunteer dates are available in September and October. 

If you would like to become an Adopt-a-Day Sponsor please contact Jeanne Fischetti.