Physical Limitations

Consider the following to decide whether working on a construction site is safe for you:

Do you have challenges with balance or lifting your feet to go up stairs? Do you use any aids such as crutches or a walker to get around? Are you taking medication that could interfere with your ability to navigate a jobsite? 
Uneven ground is inherent on any construction site, and depending on the season the site may be muddy or icy. We do our best to keep the site organized, but due to the nature of construction some trip hazards cannot be avoided, and there are often steps to navigate to get into our buildings.

Are you currently recovering from an injury?
Typical work on site can be strenuous, but there are some less strenuous tasks available if you ask a Habitat construction staff member.

Is it difficult for you to stand or walk for three hours?
While volunteering, you will typically be on your feet for about three hours before lunch and three hours after, but we encourage everyone to take breaks as needed.

Are you unable to tolerate extreme heat or cold?
Most construction work is outdoors (or indoors in an unconditioned environment). There are few spaces that offer protection from heat and cold.

Are you pregnant?
There are many suitable tasks on site that do not involve heavy lifting or being exposed to chemical fumes. Please consult your physician.

Do you have a hearing or vision impairment?
Please sign up with a friend who can help you navigate the site.

Do you have any conditions (seizures, low blood pressure, diabetes) that could cause you to suddenly lose consciousness?
There are many different tasks to choose from on our sites. Talk to a Habitat construction staff member to help pick the safest task for you.

If you have physical limitations, but they will not prevent you from safely navigating the site, please join us! And if you think it would be safer to volunteer with a friend, please bring one (make sure they sign up, too). Talk to the Habitat staff member in charge of your building or site about what you do and don't feel comfortable doing. Pace yourself and take breaks as needed, and take extra care if you choose to use ladders.

If you decide that volunteering on a construction site is not for you, consider our other volunteer options. Contact the volunteer department with any questions.

Contact us:

Still have questions? Contact the construction volunteer coordinator at 720-496-2716 or