Volunteer With ReStore!

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  • Your time makes a BIG difference to a family! Did you know 100% of the profits made at the ReStores go towards Habitat's homeownership program for hardworking low income families?
  • You can volunteer once or become a regular volunteer. Choose what fits into your life!
  • Being a regular volunteer has its advantages – you find your ‘niche’ at the ReStore whether it is customer service, recycling metals, helping our truck drivers, testing appliances, or organizing our ‘stuff’. We get to know you and you get to know us.
  • If you decide you would like to commit to 5 hours per week, you can be designated as a Team Captain, receive a Team Captain tshirt and get 25% store discount!

To volunteer, click the button below:



To learn more about being a regular volunteer or Team Captain, contact us:
restorevolunteer@habitatoutlet.org | 720-469-4807

Team Captain Spotlight:

Find out why Ed Herring,
a hard-working ReStore
Team Captain loves
working at the ReStore.




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