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Furniture? Appliances? Cabinets? Sure!

But did you know the ReStores are also a place where weird and wondeful items can be found?

  • Antique travelling trunks 
  • CIA posters from the '60s 
  • Bugs made from cabinet knobs 
  • Huge gilt mirrors 
  • Art deco lights 
  • Chandeliers made from deer antlers 
  • Lava lamps,
  • Inflatable grim reapers

All of these and many more have passed through the doors of our ReStores. Whether you're a treasure hunter looking to buy or an artist looking to create the ReStores are a great place to shop! 

A Treasure Hunter's Guide:


Looking for treasure at the ReStore? Let Boris be your guide. We promise you won't regret it!

See some of the weird, wild and wonderful stuff that's come into our ReStores below. What's your ReStore treasure?