Donation FAQ

What happens with my donation? Does it go into a home built by Habitat?

Material donations are not used in Habitat-built homes. Instead, our ReStores sell them at a discount to the public. The ReStores generate a valuable revenue stream that enables Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver to build more decent, affordable housing for hardworking, low-income families. Your donation not only helps support the construction of Habitat homes; it helps reduce the costs of home improvement for other homeowners across metro Denver.

Do the ReStores repair donated items and materials?

Due to the time, space, cost, and safety concerns associated with handling these materials, we are unable to accept non-working appliances, used batteries, electronics, florescent lighting, mattresses, or paint. Please check with your local recycling centers or call your local ReStore for a referral. THANK YOU for helping us divert hazardous materials from the landfill!

Please note: We charge a $20 handling fee for each donated appliance, working or non-working, that may contain Freon. This fee helps offset costs we incur for recycling metals, including items containing Freon. We appreciate your understanding.

Can the ReStore pick up donations that are inside my home?

If you opt to use our pickup service through our partner ReSupplyMe, yes. However, if you opt to have your items picked up through Habitat's regular pickup service, we cannot enter homes as our insurance policy prevents our staff and volunteers from entering houses for the purpose of picking up material donations. For our regular pickup service, all donations must be left outside or in a garage area for pickup.

Is there a fee to have my donations picked up?

Yes. There is a $25 charge for all donation pickups. This fee helps us cover scheduling, transportation and item screening costs. The more we save on costs, the more we can do for low-income homeowners in metro Denver!

How soon can you come pick up my donation?

That depends on which of our two pickup services you select. For our partnership service through ReSupplyMe, pickups are usually available within 48 hours. For our regular Habitat pickup service, pickups are scheduled Tuesday through Saturday. On average, we schedule about two weeks out and sometimes longer in the busier seasons. To stay efficient, we organize our routes based on zip code, so we appreciate your patience as we work with you to fit your donation into our rounds. Learn more.

How do I count my donation as a tax deduction if I have scheduled a pickup?

Our drivers will provide you with the necessary paperwork when they come to pick up your donation. If you are unable to be present for your pickup, please let us know in advance an appropriate place to put the receipt at the pickup location. Legally, Habitat cannot appraise your donation(s), so all donors must fill out an estimated value for their donation(s) on the receipt. Please keep in mind that you are required by law to fill out IRS Form 8283 for any donation you value at $500 or more. If your donation's value exceeds $5,000, you must obtain a qualified appraisal and complete Section B of Form 8283, then attach both to your tax return.