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Why Choose Us?:

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Steve Diamond of Diamond Homes, Inc. had this to say about working with us:

"Habitat for Humanity's Deconstruction Program is really an example of the "perfect storm." It provides a win/win situation for everyone involved:

  • The owner of the house gets a tax write-off and the knowledge that they contribute to a wonderful non-profit.
  • Habitat receives cash flow to help promote the awesome job they do constructing housing for needy people.
  • The environment benefits by keeping products out of the land-fills which are put to good use in new and/or remodeled homes.

Our partnership with Habitat has been in place for over 10 years and has never been stronger. Habitat's Deconstruction Team are exceptional to work with and our cooperation and teamwork with Habitat is something I am personally very proud of."


Other clients have been equally complimentary:

"The labor cost for tearing out our old kitchen was budgeted for about $2000.  The dumping fees would, no doubt, have been substantial, too.  That was a big savings for us.  I'd much rather let Habitat benefit from the recycling of the materials than haul them to the trash."

"[We’re] so glad to hear that parts of our former home are in good hands and will find new homes to be useful in. I don't like to just throw stuff away."

"Say ‘bye to Craigslist’ and ‘hello to Habitat.’ It’s a lot easier!"

"Corey and his team of volunteers made the process stress-free.  The crew arrived well prepared and certainly knowledgeable."

"We would most certainly recommend the program… The team was prompt, professional, and did an amazing job."

"We couldn't have been more pleased to help out a good cause and not contribute waste to our landfills."

"Not only would the various items we had enjoyed for years be useful to new owners, we would benefit from a generous tax deduction: a win/win all around!"


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