Regular Volunteers

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to building homes for low-income families in the Denver metro area!  Without you, we simply could not do what we do, so please know how much we appreciate YOU!

To view more information, click one of the tabs below.  If you have suggestions for information that you would like to see posted here, please email Trisha.

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For inclement weather updates, please call 720-496-2736 - updated at 7am ON the scheduled workday.


It’s starting to feel like Fall, sort of.  There is so much happening over the next few months.  Thank you for playing such an important role with Habitat Metro Denver.  We could not do what we do without you!

Sable Ridge Celebration
I hope you are planning on attending the last dedication for Sable Ridge 10.  It will also be a celebration.  We’ll be celebrating 3+ years of hard work, 12 buildings and 51 families in this new community.  It is on Sat, Oct 29th from 1-3pm.  The build sites will have a half day and end at noon in order for all staff and volunteers to attend.  If you haven’t RSVP’d yet please do so at  Important information will be emailed to you after you RSVP so don’t delay.

Fall and Winter Build Projects
Sable Ridge is wrapping up and we’re starting our next largest development to date.  To kick off Sheridan Square we’re having a floor blitz build day with our AmeriCorps Alum on Sat, Oct 29th (before the Sable Ridge Celebration) to get the floor system in and floors decked.  The build day will go from 9am to noon.  If you would like to participate please contact Colleen at

Please let me know where you will be building.  To give you the full picture of what is happening this Fall here’s a rundown:

Home Repairs will continue to build through the Fall and Winter.  For those at Sable Ridge looking for a new place to go they can always use Regular Volunteers.  Please contact me for location and dates.

Renovations has a few projects going on at the same time.  You’ll get to work with Trevor and he builds on Mon, Wed, Thurs and Fri.  Come out one day a month, you can work with Trevor to pick the day and scope of work.

New Construction
College View 2 (S. Decatur)- 3 homes start in succession on Oct 26th
Sheridan Sq 1- triplex starts on Nov 2nd
Sheridan Sq 2- triplex starts on Dec 7

Save the Date!  The Regulars Holiday party will be on Tues, Dec 13th.  5:30 to 7:30 at the Habitat Office.  Start thinking about your white elephant gift now.  I look forward to seeing all of you, I hope you can make it.  Formal evite to follow.

Bring a Friend
As you can see we have A LOT going on at Habitat Metro Denver.  We have three dynamic programs and we need more volunteers.  If you know of anyone that would enjoy being a Regular Volunteer please invite them out to build with you this Fall.  Or maybe you can get a group together and come out and build as a group.  Building together is a great way to spend time with your family, friends, alumni, church and what better time than the holidays.  If you have questions about scheduling a group you can contact Lauren at  The more the merrier.

Holiday Closures
The build sites will be closed on Nov 24, 25, 26 for Thanksgiving and Dec 24-Dec 31 for Christmas and New Years.

Standard Work Practices

Critical Home Repair 2016:

In 2016 Habitat Metro Denver will be doing 40 Critical Home Repair projects.  Projects vary in length and scope of work, it ranges from new roofs, siding, painting, installing new doors and windows, fencing and landscaping. 

Regular volunteers work with Burke, Spencer and Kiersten to determine the address and days for each project. 

Applications and assessments are underway and projects will start in April 2016.

College View:

Address:  2664 S Decatur St Building 1 and 4, Denver
                  2668 s Decatur St Building 1 and 4, Denver

Build Type:  four single family, one story homes

Supervisors:  Amy Hoffer, Jose

Start Date:  Sept 21st





Jon Grengs
Phil Waters
Hank Battjes
John Thich
Gary Forbes
Bruce Godfrey
Dean Bartels


Phil Waters
Bruce Godfrey
Jon Grengs

Gary Forbes
Jay Watkins
Dean Bartels
Jon Grengs

Sponsors and Partner Families

Unit #



2664 S Decatur St Building 4

Andrew and Cing

Habitat Helpers

2664 S Decatur St Building 1

Abdenabi and Hanaa

Women Build
Miracle Workers
Korn Ferry

2668 S Decatur St Building 4

Omar and Judith

Centennial/Platte River Ventures

2668 S Decatur St Building 1

Ahmed and Rusul

West Metro Habitat Interfaith Coalition

Sherdian Square 1:

Address: 3782 S Knox Ct (Sheridan Square 1)

Build Type:  2-story tri-plex

Supervisor:  Courtney, Becky

Start Date: Nov 2nd





Steve Nevers
John Patti
Bruce McClintock

Steve Nevers

Steve Nevers
John Patti

Sheila Cole

Partner Families and Sponsors




3782 S Knox Ct

Nayef and Fadia

3788 S Knox Ct


3794 S Knox Ct

Dah and Allana

College View Phase 2:

Address:  To GPS use 2680 S Decatur Street, Denver

Build Type:  3 two-story single family homes

Supervisors: Marianne, Jordan

Start Date: Oct 26th, Nov 2nd, Nov 9th





Ellen West

Jack Dunn

Sponsors and Partner Families

College View Phase 2

Unit #



2668 S Decatur St, Building 3

Raphael and Yvonne

2668 S Decatur St, Building 2

Francis and Schola

2664 S Decatur St, Building 3

Farid and Naima

Sheridan Sq 2:

Address:  3764 S Knox Ct, Sheridan

Build Type:  tri-plex

Supervisors:  Amy Hoffer and Jose

Start Date:  Dec 7th






Sponsors and Partner Families

Sheridan Sq 2




3764 S Knox Ct


3770 S Knox Ct


3776 S Knox Ct



Volunteer and Construction Staff:


Trisha Koizumi - 720-496-2717

Lauren Russek - 720-496-2716


Amy Anselm -  720-394-6878

Amy Hoffer - 720-935-4961

Burke Curtis - 720-255-9350

Colleen Mentz - 303-981-7263

Courtney Nordling - 720-581-0222

Jordan Moreland - 309-231-3130

Jose Elizondo - 720-318-6767

Kiersten Kelley - 631-664-2052

Marianne Pascoe - 916-749-6401

Neal DeLange - 720-989-6946

Spencer Purvis - 303-505-8029

Trevor Bennett -   303-875-9312