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Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver would like to recognize CSG International, one of the organization’s committed partners. CSG’s partnership with Habitat began in 2009, and since that time the company has contributed over $450,000 toward Habitat’s mission.  CSG International has also given more than just financial support to Habitat of Metro Denver—more than 300 CSG employees have volunteered over 2,500 hours on Habitat construction sites around Denver. 2017 marked the eigth year in partnership with Habitat to build decent, affordable homes and we are incredibly thankful for their unwavering support.

In 2013, CSG International expanded their support of Habitat Metro Denver through their participation in Habitat’s World of Hope program. As a World of Hope partner, CSG International pledged to support Habitat Metro Denver for three years, from 2013-2015, with a mission to serve an additional 500 families by 2017.

In 2017 CSG sponsored the home of Tirzah. Tirzah knows about progression through hard work. Five years ago, she started working for the city of Denver as a part time employee, and has worked her way up to a full-time data technician position. Tirzah also works hard at home to raise her two daughters, ages 10 and 12, and set them up for a bright future.

Tirzah has also been working to establish stability for herself and her daughters after a divorce. Financially struggling after her divorce, Tirzah’s father opened his house to them so that they could save some money. The family all sacrificed space and quality of life as all four people crowded into living space meant for two. Tirzah appreciates her father’s generosity, but recognizes that it was never a permanent living solution for her family. As she gained the financial stability to move out, the rising housing costs in Denver’s rental market has pushed that goal farther away.

By partnering with Habitat, Tirzah and her daughters will be able to establish their independence in their own home. The financial stability of paying into an affordable mortgage will allow Tirzah to keep building her family’s future. Her daughters are especially excited to each have their own bedroom.

“As a single mother, I was unable to find and afford a place for the three of us,” shares Tirzah, “Habitat will make a huge difference in how my daughters grow up.”

We would like to thank CSG for their partnership and for offering a hand-up to families like Tirzah.

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