Loaves and Fishes

Loaves and Fishes has been putting their faith into action for over 16 years.  What started as a small coalition of a few supporters has grown into the service powerhouse they are today. Loaves and Fishes consists of fourteen Christian churches from Castle Rock to Golden, CO whose mission is to support the mission and work of Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver.   They have aligned their own call to action with Habitat’s mission to provide decent, affordable homes to Metro Denver residents.

The partnership between Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver and Loaves and Fishes started in 1998 with a first donation of $13,500.00 and has grown to a lifetime donation of $884,621.08.  The Methodist coalition shows up day after day and year after year to Habitat Denver's construction sites to help build safe, decent, affordable homes for Metro Denver residents. Their impact is more than just a dollar amount—Loaves and Fishes has sent 1,792 of its members and volunteers to home builds over the past 16 years. In total, the coalition has contributed 13,440 volunteer hours to Habitat’s work and challenges themselves to do more each year.  Loaves and Fishes believes in spreading their faith through human interaction and helping transform other lives.

For the past three years, Loaves and Fishes has been gathering coins from local malls’ fountains to put towards a Habitat home. Once they have collected the coins from the malls, they separate the sand and stones from the coins and put them through a cement mixer for 20 minutes. They then clean the coins off with vinegar and water, and dry all the coins out on towels. After that process is done, they take the coins to the bank in five gallon buckets to be counted. So far, Loaves and Fishes has raised $28,000 in all from their coin collection operation.

Loaves and Fishes’s spirit and resolve are reinvigorated each time they hear a family’s success story. Loaves and Fishes recognizes that homeownership is transformational for their partner families—they never lose sight of their goal to serve those in need.  In 2013 they sponsored a home for Marcella and her two daughters. Marcella thanked Loaves and Fishes for their generosity and support, and acknowledged that “without the program, homeownership would not even be in my dreams.” Marcella is thankful to Habitat and Loaves and Fishes, but most of all she is proud of her ability to give her daughters a place they can call home.

Loaves and Fishes will go to great lengths and do whatever it takes to achieve their goal of sponsoring Habitat homes. They truly believe that when you lean on your faith and on the support of volunteers, the possibilities for making a difference are endless.