Habitat Interfaith Alliance

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Habitat Interfaith Alliance (HIA) is a group of dedicated and selfless individuals who bring together people of Jewish, Catholic, Protestant and Unitarian Universalist faiths to do God’s work as a team.  HIA is made up of representatives from 14 congregations in the Metro Denver area and has been supporting Habitat’s mission since 2002. 

Habitat Interfaith Alliance believes in addressing long-term poverty and helping all families achieve affordable housing.  A safe and affordable home allows so many families to grow, dream and plan for a brighter future.

HIA is partnering with Ayisha in 2016. Ayisha and her children currently live in an apartment in a very dangerous neighborhood. They regularly hear gunshots ring outside their apartment doors, and have little sense of comfort or safety in their home. In fact, each night as Alisha tucks her 7-year old son in to bed, he asks “Mom, are the bad guys going to shoot me?” It’s heartbreaking for Ayisha to know that her children don’t feel safe while they fall asleep at night.

Ayisha is determined to work hard and make a significant change in her family’s living situation. She works 45 hours per week at her job in customer service, and carefully plans her days off so that she can invest sweat equity and help build her future Habitat home and take home buyer education classes. “I’m a single mother working hard so that my kids can have a better future,” Ayisha shares with hope and determination.  Ayisha can’t wait to close on her Habitat home this fall.

HIA not only builds homes for families in need, they build a foundation for interfaith trust, communication and understanding.  These individuals are bridging theological differences and putting love into action by using a hammer as an instrument to manifest God’s love. We are so thankful for HIA’s continued dedication to this ministry of transforming lives for families in need, and we are excited to partner for yet another year as we continue to build homes, communities and hope.

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