Habitat Interfaith Alliance

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Habitat Interfaith Alliance (HIA) is a group of dedicated and selfless individuals who bring together people of Jewish, Catholic, Protestant and Unitarian Universalist faiths to do God’s work as a team.  HIA is made up of representatives from 12 congregations in the Metro Denver area and has been supporting Habitat’s mission since 2002. 

Habitat Interfaith Alliance believes in addressing long-term poverty and helping all families achieve affordable housing.  A safe and affordable home allows so many families to grow, dream and plan for a brighter future.

HIA is partnering with Ali and Huda for 2017. 

Ali and Huda are excited to partner with Habitat to become homeowners at Sheridan Square. They know that their future home will make a big difference for their young children, including their 11-year old daughter, 5-year old son, and 9-month old baby boy.

Currently, Ali and Huda live in a crowded apartment that seems to get smaller every day as their children grow and need more space to play. It is difficult for them to find a place that is both affordable and meets their family’s needs, even with Ali working up to 60 hours a week on a regular basis.

“We are looking forward to a stable life with control over our family budget,” shares Ali. “We are focused on our kids education and future as well as our own. The new house means a home to us, home for us to build our future in a good way.”

Ali and Huda’s Habitat home will have enough space for their young family and will provide long-term financial stability. Paying an affordable Habitat mortgage will allow them to have predictable housing costs, which will allow them to plan and save for the future. Ali and Huda are also very excited to provide their three children with enough space to grow up in their very own Habitat home.

HIA not only builds homes for families in need, they build a foundation for interfaith trust, communication and understanding.  These individuals are bridging theological differences and putting love into action by using a hammer as an instrument to manifest God’s love. We are so thankful for HIA’s continued dedication to this ministry of transforming lives for families in need, and we are excited to partner for yet another year as we continue to build homes, communities and hope.

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