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A home is where families grow, memories are made and possibilities arise. But sadly, not everyone has a safe, healthy place to call home. Instead, many are struggling to get by, forced to live in substandard housing. We believe everyone deserves decent, affordable housing. That's why we're doing something about it – through Thrivent Builds with Habitat for Humanity – and you can too.

Thrivent is proud to be constructing yet another home in 2017 and to partner with Ali and Sonia. 

Ali and Sonia look forward to their partnership with Habitat. They are the proud parents of two sons, ages 2 and 6. Ali works full-time as a plumber to provide financially for their family and Sonia works hard at home taking care of their young sons.

It’s been very tough for Ali and Sonia to find a stable and affordable place to live. Their primary concern is providing a safe and healthy environment for their boys, but that comes at a cost. Ali and Sonia are cost-burdened, paying nearly 40% of their income for a two-bedroom apartment, which severely limits their financial stability as a household.

By partnering with Habitat, Ali and Sonia will be able to pay an affordable mortgage for a three-bedroom home. Affordability of housing means more than financial stability for Ali and Sonia; it means they will be empowered to build a brighter future for their family.

Ali and Sonia look forward to owning a home and their 6-year old is very excited to have his very own room. They are excited to set their family on a strong foundation and be able to build their own future.

Thank you Thrivent Financial for your longtime partnership and support of families’ dream of a safe, affordable home in Denver. 

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