The Carpenter’s Helpers

Emal and Wajma starting out their partnership with Habitat Metro Denver and Teh Carpenters Helpers
Emal working on site, completing his sweat equity
Emal, Wajma and their children
Emal and Wajma with their children

The Carpenter's Helpers is a faith coalition of eight Presbyterian churches in metro Denver. They work alongside Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver in building homes, raising funds, and creating awareness about the need for safe and affordable housing in our community.

Building Homes & Hope: Wajma & Emal

Starting in 2018, The Carpenter's Helpers worked alongside Emal and Wajma to build a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home for the couple and their family of five.

In late 2019, after months of living in a pest-infested, overcrowded apartment, the Afghanistan natives moved into their new Habitat home.

"We had cockroaches. We had bedbugs and mice. My kids used to get sick every time—so many times I took them to urgent care, to emergency rooms" Emal shared about life in the apartment. "Since I've been in a new home, the big changes: my kids— they're so healthy. They don't get sick.

"I had a big dream that one day, I will have a nice house, but now my dream came true," Emal shared.

Thank you, The Carpenter's Helpers, for your longtime partnership and support of helping families achieve their dreams of owning a safe, affordable home in Denver.

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Partner Churches

Sign up to join us out on a Habitat construction site! No experienced is necessary to come swing a hammer with us for the day! Just contact your church's representative or email our chairperson, Mark Christman.
***Please note: You must be 16 years or older to volunteer on the construction site.***


Each house is built with donated funds from congregations, individuals, and companies. Every little bit helps. Please take a moment to pray and consider how your gift can help Habitat change lives of families in need.

Donate to Help Families Achieve Affordable Homeownership

Each donation is a true blessing in the eyes of the family who gets one step closer to their dream of homeownership and a better future for their children. All donations go directly to Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver and help The Carpenter's Helpers meet their sponsorship goal.