West Metro Habitat Interfaith Coalition


Habitat Metro Denver would like to recognize the West Metro Habitat Interfaith Coalition (formerly Jeffco Partners for Interfaith Action), a diverse coalition consisting of Protestant, Catholic, Unitarian and Religious Scientist congregations for their long partnership. The coalition is made up of 9 congregations and has supported Habitat’s mission since 1998. Overall they have completed 17 Habitat Homes in Metro Denver and are building the 18th in 2018. 

Arvada United Methodist Church                      Christ on the Mountain Catholic Parish

Kiwanis Club of Arvada-Jefferson County        Jefferson Unitarian Church

Congregation B’nai Chaim                                 St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church 

Green Mountain United Methodist                     Mile Hi Church of Religious Science     


This Year's Partner Family
Ali and Sonia v2.jpg

The West Metro Habitat Interfaith Coalition is very excited to partner with Ali and Sonia to build the home of their dreams in 2017.

Ali and Sonia look forward to their partnership with Habitat. They are the proud parents of two sons, ages 2 and 6. Ali works full-time as a plumber to provide financially for their family and Sonia works hard at home taking care of their young sons.

It’s been very tough for Ali and Sonia to find a stable and affordable place to live. Their primary concern is providing a safe and healthy environment for their boys, but that comes at a cost. Ali and Sonia are cost-burdened, paying nearly 40% of their income for a two-bedroom apartment, which severely limits their financial stability as a household.

By partnering with Habitat, Ali and Sonia will be able to pay an affordable mortgage for a three-bedroom home. Affordability of housing means more than financial stability for Ali and Sonia; it means they will be empowered to build a brighter future for their family.

Ali and Sonia look forward to owning a home and their 6-year old is very excited to have his very own room. They are excited to set their family on a strong foundation and be able to build their own future.

The generous support and partnership from West Metro Habitat Interfaith makes Ali and Sonia’s dream a reality and we thank the coalition for their generous support and partnership this year and for every year prior. Thank you West Metro Habitat Interfaith.


Sign up to join us out on the construction site.  No experience is needed.  Come and swing a hammer with us for a day! *Please note that no person under the age of 16 is allowed on the construction site.*  To get registered, email Tom Brunn at tbrunn2473@aol.com.  


Each house is built with donated funds from congregations, individuals, and companies.  Every little bit helps.  Please take a moment to pray and consider how your gift can help Habitat change lives of families in need.  Each donation is a true blessing in the eyes of the family who gets one step closer to their dream of homeownership and a better future for their children.  To make a donation, click here.  All donations go directly to Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver and are tax deductible.

Coalition Events

Email Tom Brunn, tbrunn2473@aol.com, for all event information

Pumpkin Patch

Each year, West Metro Habitat Interfaith Alliance, formerly known as Jeffco Partners for Interfaith Action) turns pumpkins into houses. Throughout the month of October, coalition volunteers sell pumpkins and donate the proceeds to Habitat Metro Denver. To learn more about West Metro's pumpkin venture, email Tom Brunn at tbrunn2473@aol.com.  

Gratitude Banks

Congregation B’nai Chiam, Jefferson Unitarian, Mile Hi Church and the Sunday School at Arvada United Methodist Church all participate in the Gratitude Banks Project. The children from Arvada United Methodist Church for example raised money for Habitat by expressing gratitude during Lent. Every day the children with their parents would read a Bible passage and celebrate a moment of gratitude by placing coins in a small cardboard bank that looked like a habitat home, for things such as “For each room in your home deposit 25 cents.” Click here to see how to contribute to a gratitude bank. 

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King Soopers Gift Card Program

In addition to pumpkins, West Metro Habitat Interfaith Alliance raises money through King Soopers Gift Cards. To learn about purchasing a Gift Card through West Metro, go here.

WM Girls Night out 1.jpg WM Girls Night Out v2.jpg

2017 Girls' Night Out

The 9th annual Girls' Night Out at Arvada United Methodist Church was a great success.  Dinner was served in the Fellowship Center and the movie, “Hidden Figures”, was shown in the Sanctuary. The dinner featured antipasto, chicken cacciatore with farfalle, green beans with garlic and capers, tossed salad, rolls and butter.  Dessert was strawberry ice cream cake with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.  The dinner was prepared and served by the Men of AUMC.  They then bussed the tables and cleaned up the kitchen while the women retired to the sanctuary to view the film.   The movie, “Hidden Figures”, revealed the true story of three black women mathematicians who were of critical importance to the first manned space orbit and went on to become honored members of NASA. Their perseverance and success in spite of discrimination as women and as blacks was the central theme of the movie. Ticket sales reached a total of 150, the largest this event has ever been!  After expenses, $3,400 was raised to help fund our 2017 Habitat for Humanity home.  Tips collected totaled $778, a new high!  A huge thanks goes to Carolyn and Alan Williams, who organized this large undertaking.   

Come Visit The West Metro Habitat Interfaith Coalition Pumpkin Patch!