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Republic Services is committed to the neighborhoods where they live, work, and serve. As part of this commitment, Republic Services has made a promise to help rebuild, revitalize, and restore places and spaces in need of stronger neighborhoods in the heart of our nation. In Denver, this promise will support Habitat’s Sheridan Square development with a $250,000 investment. The development is centrally located in the City of Sheridan, CO, and was identified by residents, business groups, and City officials as a catalytic site for economic investment and community development.  The site will be home to 63 families as well as a neighborhood park. With the support of Republic Services and Habitat’s Sheridan Square, the City of Sheridan will see positive transformation; the 63 home neighborhood will create permanent housing solutions for approximately 130 adults and 225 children, bringing an influx of students to the city’s school district in addition to increasing home ownership by 6 percent.

In 2017, Republic Services is supporting Sayed and Asma's dream of purchasing their own home. 

“Everything will change when we move into our new house. Our life will change from a transitional life to a permanent life.”

Sayed and Asma want the best for their two-year-old daughter and are working hard to achieve just that. Sayed frequently works over 50 hours a week as a tech for a medical device sterilizing company and then another 10-15 hours driving for Uber. Asma takes care of their young daughter at home.
Currently, Sayed and Asma live in an apartment that is in an unsafe neighborhood and has frequent pest problems. They know it is a temporary place for them to live, but the instability is stressful and makes it hard for them to provide their daughter with a safe place to live.

By partnering with Habitat, Sayed and Asma will have the stability and safety they want for their young family. They will literally be able to build a brighter future by completing 200 hours of sweat equity, taking homebuyer education classes, and then purchasing a two-bedroom home in Sheridan Square with Habitat’s affordable mortgage.

“We are most excited about having our own home and not worrying about relocating,” writes Sayed.

Having an affordable home will allow Sayed to spend more time with his family. And having a permanent place to live will give them the stability they need to raise their young daughter.

“We are looking forward to a successful and happy life in our beautiful new home; to accomplish our long-term dream for a good life for our kid.”

We thank Republic Services for their partnership and the investment in Sayed and Asma's transformation to a permanent life. Together, we will revitalize a neighborhood and help hardworking families find strength, stability, and self-reliance.

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