Energy Industry Collaboration

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Habitat Metro Denver has launched a new initiative, the Energy Industry Collaboration, which engages energy companies with Habitat’s mission of partnering with low-income families to provide affordable homeownership opportunities. Eight companies make up the Energy Industry Collaboration: Anadarko Petroleum, Concord Energy, Crestone Peak Resources, EOG Resources, Jonah Energy, Liberty Oilfield Services, PDC Energy and SM Energy. Each contribute financially to the project and employees volunteer to help build the home.  The Energy Industry Collaboration is supporting the construction of a home for Michelle.

Michelle is a hardworking mom of three kids—ages 12, 17 and 19. She works full time at a local cable company in order to make ends meet for her family of four. In order to live in their 2-bedroom apartment, Michelle is currently paying more than 40% of her monthly income towards housing costs.

Despite paying so much of her income towards rent, Michelle’s current apartment is not meeting her family’s needs. They endure pests inside and outside of their apartment, as well as faulty electrical outlets where plugs regularly fall out of the wall. They also have issues that makes them worry about their health, including mold on their bathroom ceiling that won’t go away despite lots of attempts to clean it with bleach. Michelle also insists on filtering their water since it sometimes comes out looking brown from their faucets.

Michelle and her children can’t wait to achieve a sense of safety and security in their new Habitat home. When asked what she’s most excited about, Michelle shared “We’ll actually have a yard and a home to call our own. And a feeling of security, knowing we won’t have to move again.” Michelle’s also looking forward to the financial stability she’ll gain with her affordable mortgage payments. “I’ll have a mortgage I can actually afford, and not have to stress about if I can make the rent or not.”

Michelle’s looking forward to helping build her home alongside volunteers and her home sponsors. And is grateful for the opportunity to become a homeowner with Habitat for Humanity.

In total, the Energy Industry Collaboration has raised $265,000 for Habitat for Humanity! Thank you for your valuable contribution to Habitat!