Concord Energy

Concord Energy has been a dedicated partner of Habitat Metro Denver since 2009 and has donated over $650,000 in support of Habitat’s mission. Concord Energy’s slogan, “We’re not in the energy business, we’re in the relationship business” is especially true in terms of their partnership with Habitat Metro Denver.

As a result of Concord’s partnership with Habitat Metro Denver, there are now 8 families who no longer live in substandard conditions and this year is no exception. In 2017, Concord Energy will help Baryalai and Zalah find strength, stability and self-reliance for their family at Sheridan Square.

Baryalai and Zalah feel very blessed to partner with Habitat Metro Denver to build a safe and stable home for their children. Since immigrating to the U.S. in 2015, it has been difficult to find a place they can afford for their large family. Their current 2 bedroom apartment is not suitable for this 8 person family. The apartment is also riddled with pests and maintenance issues including bed bugs and ceiling leaks. When asked what they are most excited about in their future home they replied that they are eager to be a part of a community, specifically the Habitat community, where they know they will be supported and valued.

Thank you Concord Energy for partnering with Habitat once again to help transform the lives of Baryalai, Zalah and their 6 children.

About Concord Energy
Founded in 2002, Concord is an energy commodities marketing, logistics and trading company focused on growth in the North American energy markets. We are a producer-focused, first purchaser and industry leader in energy distribution.