Homebuyer Education

Below are links to the homebuyer online education courses. Please read instructions for the courses carefully to ensure that you receive sweat equity credit.


As in-person classes are scheduled, the times and dates will be posted here.




We hope that these courses serve as a valuable resource as you contine on your journey to homeownership. 


Teachable Online Courses:

This packet has helpful information for accessing the teachable online courses.

Good Neighbor

This class provides information about positive communication skills, the importance of community involvement and a broad understanding of city ordinances. Complete the online course to receive sweat equity credit.

Homeowner Insurance

This class gives future homebuyers the information that they need to understand why homeowner insurance is required, and how much and what types of coverage are needed.  

Living in An Association

This class will introduce homebuyers to Homeowners Associations (HOAs).  Information will be provided about what an HOA is, who is involved, and your roles and responsibilities as a member of a townhome/HOA. 


Online Financial Courses (provided by Wells-Fargo hands-on-banking):

To receive sweat equity credit for the three online financial courses, you must fill out and return this packet of follow-along questions to Habi​tat


This class teaches the benefits of bank accounts, balancing a checkbook, financial survival in the face of catastrophe, selecting a bank, and money saving ideas. 

Credit and debt (Part 1 of 2)

Credit and debt (Part 2 of 2)

This class unravels the mysteries of how credit works in the United States.  Participants learn how credit affects all financial decisions made in life, and offers valuable tips on how to save money each month by improving credit reports and credit scores.

Value-based Financial Decisions (Part 1 of 2)

Value-based Financial Decisions (Part 2 of 2)

This class provides answers to a number of questions related to your money, such as how to get the best refund during tax season, basic investment and long-term savings ideas, using benefits at your work effectively, and the value of a solid insurance policy.


Don’t Have Access to a Computer or Need Technical Assistance?

Habitat Metro Denver realizes that everyone does not have access to a computer or doesn't feel comfortable completing homebuyer education courses without assistance. Therefore, we are offering easy access to technology as well as one-on-one technical assistance in our new computer lab.

Computer Lab Location: Habitat Denver Office, 3245 Eliot St., Denver, CO, 80211

Computer Lab Hours: Mondays and Thursday from 10-4pm

You must have an appointment to use the lab. If you are interested in using the computer lab, please click the link below to schedule an appointment.

Computer Lab Sign Up Available