Helpful Resources

Many prospective homebuyers work with financial coaches prior to applying to Habitat’s program.  This counseling helps ensure applicants meet the eligibility and financial requirements needed to qualify for a Habitat loan.    

In addition to financial counseling providers, we’ve also included contact lists for resources in the community that offer help with a wide variety of housing services and support.

Financial & Credit Counseling Services

If you’re a homeowner—Habitat or not—who’s facing financial hardship made worse by a predatory lender, there’s help via Denver’s Office of Financial Empowerment & Protection. You may qualify for a personal grant up to $1,500 for paying off high-interest, predatory loans. Learn more and apply by emailing, or calling 720-944-2498.

Subsidized Housing Agencies & Low-Income Rentals

Adams County Housing Authority 303-227-2075

Almost Home Inc., Brighton 303-659-6199

Arvada Housing Authority 720-898-7484

Aurora Housing Authority 720-251-2100

Broadway Junction, Denver 303-777-7900

Catholic Charities 303-830-0215

CHFA (Colorado Housing Finance Authority) 303-297-2432

Colorado Works 303-271-4737

Denver Housing Authority 720-932-3000

InnovAge (Seniors) 303-300-6900

Interchurch Arms 303-424-6283

Interfaith Hospitality 303-675-0713

Jefferson County Housing Authority 303-422-8600

Mercy Housing 303-830-3363

Metro West Housing Solutions 303-987-7580

Rocky Mountain Communities 303-863-8651

Salvation Army – Family Services 303-295-3366

Section 8 Office 720-932-3030

South Metro Housing (Littleton) 303-794-9608

STRIDE 303-238-3580

The Family Tree 303-467-2604

Volunteers of America 303-297-0408

Home Buyer and Foreclosure Assistance Programs

Adams County Housing Authority 303-227-2075

Colorado Foreclosure Hotline 1-877-601-4673

CHFA 303-297-2432

Colorado Housing Assistance 303-572-9445

Development Services (CEDS) 303-569-8165

Del Norte Neighborhood Dev. 303-477-4774

Denver Housing Authority 720-956-3809

Denver Metro Fair Housing Center 720-279-4291

Douglas County Housing Partnership 303-784-7857

HOAP (Aurora) 303-739-7900

Mile High Independent Living 303-800-4700

Northeast Denver Housing 303-377-3334

USDA Rural Housing 719-589-5661

Housing Referral and Legal Services

Brothers Redevelopment 303-238-0392

Colorado Legal Services 303-837-1313

Community Housing Services/Housing Development Corp 303-428-1448

NEWSED Community Development Corporation 303-534-8342

Supportive Housing Programs 303-866-4921

The Action Center 303-237-7704

Transitional Housing

Archdiocesan Housing Comm. 303-830-0215

Catholic Charities 303-742-0828

Denver Rescue Mission 303-953-3900

Decatur Place 303-893-2718

Hope Communities 303-860-7747

Mercy Housing 303-830-3300

The Action Center 303-237-7704

The Crossing 303-953-3900

Warren Village 303-321-2345

Homeless Services

Colo. Coalition for the Homeless 303-293-2217

Colfax Community Network, Inc. 303-360-9175

Colorado Homeless Families 303-420-6634

Denver Rescue Mission 303-313-2440

Gemini Program (youth) 303-235-0630

Hope House of Colorado 303-429-1012

JEFFCO Schools Homeless Services 303-982-1144

Mean Street Ministry 303-232-2500

New Genesis (working moms) 303-831-4905

Urban Peak (youth) 303-974-2908

The Gathering Place 303-321-4198

Emergency Housing

Access Housing (Adams Co) 303-289-7078

Almost Home Inc. (Adams Co) 303-659-6199

Emergency Housing 720-944-2031

Family Homestead 303-623-6514

Family Tree 303-422-2133

Growing Home, Westminster 303-426-0430

Jewish Family Service 720-248-4716

Northeast Denver Housing 303-377-3334

Volunteers of America 303-297-0408

Utility Assistance

Colorado Works 303-271-4737

LEAP (Low-Income Energy Assistance Program) 1-866-Heat-Help

Salvation Army 303-295-3366

The Action Center 303-237-7704

Xcel Energy 1-800-895-4999

Handicap Accessibility Assistance

Atlantis Community Inc. 303-733-9324

Brothers Redevelopment 303-202-6340

Connections for Independent Living 970-352-8682

CO Vocational Rehab 303-866-2500

HERO Alliance 720-941-8901

Home Builders Foundation 303-551-6721

inPower 303-399-3344

Jewish Family Service 720-248-4716

Rebuilding Together Metro Denver 720-524-0840

Home Repair, Urban Renewal, and Weatherization Services

*Habitat for Humanity offers a home repair service to income-qualified homeowners in the Globeville, Elyria-Swansea, and Westwood neighborhoods. Click here to learn more.

Xcel Energy Income-Qualified Weatherization Program 1-800-895-4999

DURA (Denver Urban Renewal Authority) 303-534-3872

Brothers Redevelopment 303-202-6340

GRID Alternatives 303-968-1326

Rebuilding Together 720-524-0840

Extreme Community Makeover 720-235-8847

Veterans Green Jobs 720-236-1300

Volunteers of America 303-297-0408

USDA Rural Home Repair 719-589-5661

Senior’s Resource Center (60+) 303-235-6942