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Use the resources on this page to continue your journey to homeownership.

Please read the instructions for each course to ensure you receive sweat equity credit.

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How to be a Good Neighbor

Credit: 1.5 hours of sweat equity

This class provides information about positive communication skills, the importance of community involvement and a broad understanding of city ordinances.

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Homeowners Insurance

Credit: 1.5 hours of sweat equity

This class gives future homebuyers the information that they need to understand why homeowner insurance is required, and how much and what types of coverage are needed.

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Living in a Homeowners' Association

Credit: Only homebuyers who are purchasing a home within an HOA community will receive 1.5 hours of sweat equity for this course.

This class will introduce homebuyers to Homeowners' Associations (HOAs). Information will be provided about what an HOA is, who is involved, and your roles and responsibilities as a member of a townhome/HOA.

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Managing Your Money

Credit: 1.5 hours of sweat equity

In this course, we discuss financial institutions and the products they offer that can help you manage your money; how to make a spending plan; how to decrease your expenses; and share some tips for the car-buying process.

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Credit & Debt

Credit: 1.5 hours of sweat equity

In this course, we'll cover important information about using credit and managing debt. We explain how credit works, how to make credit work for you, what credit reports and scores are, how to protect yourself financially, and warning signs of too much debt.

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Planning Your Future

Credit: 1.5 hours of sweat equity

In this course, we'll go over how saving and investing can help you reach your financial goals. We'll explain the different types of investments available, what compounding is and why it means you should start investing as soon as you can, and how investing can help you prepare for retirement. We will also discuss how insurance can help you prepare for the future, and how and why you should talk to kids about money.

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Habitat partners with Denver Community Credit Union to provide in-person classes that cover the topics of Estate Planning (Wills and Trusts); Credit; Budgeting; and overall Financial Health.

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