Home Repair Program Qualifications

Applicants of Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver's Home Repair program must meet and follow specific qualification guidelines.

  1. Applicants must own and live in their home in the Westwood, Globeville, or Elyria-Swansea neighborhoods of Denver.
  2. Applicants must be current with their mortgage payments and taxes.
  3. Applicants must have an adequate and current homeowner insurance policy.
  4. Applicants must demonstrate a Need for Housing Repairs by showing that the current home is in poor condition, not energy efficient, unsafe, or does not meet city codes.
  5. Applicants must show a Willingness to Partner by meeting all deadlines during the application process, attending all required events, classes and meetings, and completing all sweat equity hours before work begins on the home.
  6. Applicants must show an Ability to Pay by proving current standing on mortgage payments, taxes, and insurance, by contributing a portion of repair costs, and by earning income that stays within our income guidelines:

# in Household

Maximum Income


















Habitat counts non-wage income from everyone in the household and wages from everyone 18 and older. Habitat counts all sources of income, including alimony/maintenance, child support, food stamps, pension, retirement, SSDI, SSI, survivor’s benefits, TANF, and wages, but does not count unemployment or financial aid.

Partner families have the opportunity to make payments over time and contribute additional Sweat Equity (community volunteer) hours to reduce the amount of their financial contribution.  All families will pay a portion of their repairs.  All families are required to do some amount of volunteer work, but this does not need to be in construction.

Questions?  Contact Natalia Carvajal Carvajal, Bilingual Home Repair Associate at at 720-382-1715 or ncarvajal@habitatmetrodenver.org.

Are you outside of our service area or need other services?

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