Thank You AmeriCorps Service Members

March 5, 2019

AmeriCorps members at Habitat for Humanity serve a vital role in providing safe, decent, and affordable housing. ​For 23 years, members have been working with Habitat affiliates across the United States. To date, over 9,600 AmeriCorps members and alumni have worked with Habitat for Humanity to help build homes and hope across the nation.

Our Americorps team here at Habitat Denver is made up of driven, goal-oriented, young leaders whom we are proud to work with. From working alongside our partner families, to teaching volunteers new construction skills, they fill an irreplaceable role at our affiliate. Their experiences serving with AmeriCorps at Habitat speak to the future they are building for themselves and the community.

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“Habitat Denver allows me to gain lifelong skills while doing something I enjoy.”

“Volunteering with Habitat Denver means giving back to the community while also preparing myself for a future career.”


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“I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life. As well as getting to know partner families and learning about their culture and seeing the hope that Habitat instills.”

“Habitat has shown me that people throughout life will need help. Having organizations like Habitat gives less privileged people hope and stability. I love being apart of changing people’s lives, it is an honor.”


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“I have learned a lot while working with Habitat Denver but the most important thing I think I learned is how much I enjoy helping other people.”



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“Habitat Denver has allowed me to progress my skills in construction, leadership and problem solving.”




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“I chose to serve with Habitat Denver because I enjoy seeing the progress we make as we repair homes and condos.”



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“Volunteering with Habitat Denver through AmeriCorps has meant nothing short of the world to me.”

“The Habitat community is wonderful to be a part of, and I continue to learn from my peers and mentors within the organization.”






“I enjoy getting to know my fellow AmeriCorps friends and serving the community in a way that I believe truly makes peoples’ lives better.”






“Volunteering with Habitat Denver is like constantly being surrounded by home. Staff is family, and we all work together to create home in our work, and homes for the families we serve.”







“It is the first job where I feel Like I’m doing something meaningful to me and beneficial to the world and my community directly.”



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“I love being apart of changing partner families lives while working side by side with them building their homes and getting to know their story.”




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“I chose to serve in order to spread love and build community in a tangible and practical way that uses my gifts and strengths.”



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“This experience has pushed me to go outside my comfort zone with more responsibility and I am so proud to have been apart of Habitat Denver’s work for the past two years.”




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“Volunteering with Habitat Denver through AmeriCorps has given me a new opportunity for adventure and stepping out of my comfort zone.”