Staff Spotlight: Clayton

Nov. 15, 2021


Meet Clayton, one of Habitat Metro Denver’s construction supervisors. He joined the team a few months ago and has been hard at work helping to build 4-bedroom duplexes at Aria Homes in North Denver.

Clayton earned his graduate degree in construction management and spent 11 years as a sustainability consultant in the commercial design and construction industry. He mostly worked on LEED certification for large, complex, high-profile projects like Denver International Airport, Denver Union Station, office towers, multi-family residences, and buildings at most universities in Colorado.

After 11 years of sitting at a computer every day and feeling stressed about work, Clayton needed a change. He wanted to work with his hands again and make a positive impact in a more direct way. He had always been a big proponent of Habitat's mission and vision, so when the opportunity to work with Habitat Metro Denver came up, he jumped at it—and has been enjoying it ever since.

Clayton’s Habitat journey goes back many years. He served two terms of AmeriCorps service with Habitat Metro Denver over 15 years ago, and then he started leading Habitat's international Global Village trips, which brought him to seven countries across Central and South America, Africa, and Europe. One of his most memorable Habitat experiences was on a Global Village trip.

Clayton lost one of his best friends, Jake, to cancer four years ago. Because Jake was so passionate about international development work, their close group of friends and family decided to do a week-long Habitat build in Guatemala in his honor. They spent the week reminiscing about Jake and shared his story with all the Habitat partner families they worked with, and the families responded with their own stories of love and loss.

"The work of Habitat brought us all together to grieve and celebrate the lives of lost loved ones in a way that ultimately brought joy and companionship to a very sad situation," said Clayton.

Throughout his Habitat career, Clayton has helped build almost 50 homes. When asked what he would say to someone who is considering working for Habitat, he stated, "Being part of a team with a really positive shared mission like Habitat is unbeatable. Every time I go to work at Habitat, I know that I will personally have a positive impact in the lives of others. I really love working with volunteers because they all want to be there! People are overjoyed to be away from their desks doing good work, and I love helping make their day fun and rewarding. There is also something about physical work that feels inherently valuable and makes me feel alive. I also sleep really well at night!"