Spring Cleaning with the ReStores

March 20, 2018


Each spring, many Denver residents roll up their sleeves and clean after a long and cold winter.

Spring cleaning gives people a chance to dust their ceiling fans, wash their windows, and clean out their clutter. And it's a great opportunity to donate to our ReStores.

What are some ways your spring cleaning can make a huge difference for your community?

  • Your used furniture might turn into someone's vintage DIY project
  • Your old fridge might go to a family that can't afford one
  • The bed frame your kid outgrew could become a new child's brand new bed
  • Your working pinball machine could have a new home (like the one pictured on this page!)

Simply put: don't toss it out...donate it!

As you dig into spring cleaning this year, please consider donating your tools, extra building materials, or unwanted furniture or appliances that are clean and in good shape to your nearest ReStore!

Find out more about what items can be donated at the ReStores.

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