Rudy & Alysha's Habitat Story

Jan. 6, 2020

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Rudy and Alysha look forward to their partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver. They are proud parents of a 6-year old daughter and 2-year old son. Rudy and Alysha both work full time for Kentucky Fried Chicken, Rudy is the store manager and Alysha is a cashier. It has been extremely tough for Rudy and Alysha as their family of four has been living in a one-bedroom basement.

Their current home is in an unsafe neighborhood where they are scared to have their children play outside due to high drug and crime activity. As parents, they have health concerns for their children due to the heating issues and mold infestation that is in their current home. Rudy and Alysha are Denver natives and before Habitat they never thought homeownership would be possible for their family. 

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Rudy, Alysha and children with Habitat Metro Denver Board Member and Transamerica President of Asset Management Marjin Smith.

By partnering with Habitat Metro Denver, they will be able to build and purchase a new 3-bedroom home in the Habitat Swansea Homes community. “We are overjoyed and blessed to be able to partner with Habitat.” Alysha continues, “To be able to have family over and make memories with our children in our new home is an amazing feeling.” Their home will be a multigenerational household and will provide housing for additional members of their family as well.  

“With our affordable mortgage through Habitat we will have financial stability to save up for our children’s college and hopefully purchase a safe vehicle,” shares Rudy.  

Rudy and Alysha are grateful to all the supporters, donors, volunteers and sponsors of Habitat Metro Denver. “Thank you for everything, we are so appreciative to be able to raise our children in a safe area and be able to give them a solid foundation for their future,” shares Alysha.   

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