Meet a Partner Family

June 5, 2014


Reliability, responsibility and accountability: These are the values Mariam, a single mom, has instilled in her two teenage daughters. Together they work as a well-oiled team, supporting each other, sharing the same goals, and relying on each other.

Originally from Sudan, Mariam migrated to Egypt in 2006 and then on to Denver in July 2010. She is employed as a personal care provider for the Alliance for Home Care. Presently, Mariam is pursuing a degree as a Licensed Practical Nurse.

For the single mother and her two teenage daughters, their present living conditions offer a challenging environment to say the least. Loud traffic and noisy, argumentative neighbors make a restful night’s sleep almost impossible. Male neighbors have made negative and intimidating comments, and once they even found someone climbing up to their window. Because they don’t feel safe, Mariam’s daughters lose sleep, which impacts their ability to concentrate on their schoolwork. That is especially critical for her eldest daughter who has applied for acceptance to Colorado State University.  In addition to lack of safety, they have seen roaches in their apartment, and the heating is so inefficient in the winter that they have to use the stove’s oven for supplemental heat.

Mariam already has her $1,500 in closing costs safely set aside. She is proud that she follows a regular bill-paying schedule. Mariam is eager to get started pursuing the required sweat equity hours. In fact she’s already checked to ensure her work schedule can be rearranged to allow her to reach her goal. In true team spirit, her daughters are committed to support Mariam as she completes her sweat equity requirements and Home Buyer Education classes. She is very devoted to do this for her family so they can always stay together.

Mariam put lessons learned in her Building Skills 101 class to work right away, making curtains for her present apartment. Mariam said, “I intend to do the same thing when we get into our new home.” Mariam is proud of her two daughters, their responsible behavior, and the close-knit team they have created. Now, she is eager to move her and her team to a new, safer neighborhood. Mariam commented that her biggest concern was “safety for my family” and in their new home, Mariam feels that her daughters “would be able to walk to school every morning without feeling that they are in crisis.” 

To help support the construction of Mariam's new home, please consider making a financial donation, or signing up to volunteer