Meet Future Homeowner Angela

June 4, 2019

Angela Hernandez.fig.jpg

Angela is a single-mother of two young daughters, 3-years-old and 11-years-old. Angela's a Denver native who works full-time as an administrative assistant at a local Colorado manufacturing company. She works extremely hard and continues to quickly advance in her career.  Angela is so proud to partner with Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver this year to build a foundation for her family's future. 

Angela and her girls have had to relocate constantly due to skyrocketing rental rates in Denver. “We have moved around so much and this new home will finally bring us stability,” she shares. Currently, they are living in a cramped apartment in an unsafe neighborhood. Moving into their new 3-bedroom home in the Swansea Homes community will be a positive change for both Angela and her girls. “I can’t wait to have a backyard for my daughters to play and be able to know they are in a safe and stable environment.”

Angela’s youngest daughter has health issues and will need to undergo surgery in the near future. “This home will create a safe environment for her and now that I don’t have to worry about moving constantly I can put more focus towards her,” states Angela.

“Being able to build and own a home has been a goal of mine forever and it’s amazing that it’s finally happening.” Angela continues, “I actually can’t wait to start paying my mortgage because I know it is going towards our own home.”

Angela is looking forward to making new memories in her home and cannot wait to move in. She wants to thank volunteers, donors, sponsors, and all of Habitat Metro Denver for making her and her daughter’s dreams come true.

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