Meet Future Homeowners: Quana and Zach

March 12, 2021

Quana and Zach are still shocked that they will become first-time homebuyers this year. The couple's path to homeownership has not been easy; in fact, they have both experienced homelessness and know how important a safe roof over their heads will be.

"I've personally moved over 23 times throughout my life," shares Quana. "I want the physical, social, and emotional benefits of having stable housing and not having to worry about being displaced, rent rising, or other circumstances forcing us to move again."

Quana and Zach both work hard to make ends meet, but they have found it challenging to find decent housing in Denver.

"It feels like we're just barely keeping up with the cost of living despite progressing in our careers and getting pay increases."

Quana owns a fine art and consulting business, and Zach works as an art director for a local screen-printing company. The couple currently rent a cramped apartment with a host of problems. Floods, mouse infestations and rising rent are just a few of the issues Quana and Zach have recently faced. At one point, they had to place pots and pans around their rental because rain was pouring down through the ceiling. Ironically, that was also the most expensive apartment they've lived in.

"It's so hard to gain financial stability in Denver if you don't own."

Quana and Zach are already envisioning the day they will own their own home and what it will mean. For Quana, having a stable and healthy home will provide long-term physical, mental and emotional benefits. She suffers from a chronic fatigue and pain syndrome that is exacerbated every time they have to move.

"It's such a big deal to know that we can set up our home in a way that things can be more accessible and not have to change," Quana shares. "My top priority is that my energy will be able to go beyond just survival."

As artists, Quana and Zach cannot wait to express their personal creativity and style throughout the home. One of the first things they plan to do is paint the walls and create their own gallery.

"We can't wait to make it a space we love."

The couple also looks forward to cooking meals, and growing their own fruits and vegetables in a garden.

"This entire process has felt like a fantasy," shares Zach. "Thank you for giving us hope that homeownership can actually happen for us."

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