Meet Future Habitat Homeowner Mary

Jan. 29, 2020

Mary R (2).fig.jpg

Mary is a decorated U.S. Coast Guard veteran that has made Colorado her home for the past 17 years. She is also the primary caregiver for her niece who has a disability. Together they live in a one-bedroom apartment, forcing Mary to sleep on a rollaway bed. Additionally, Mary’s daughter and two grandsons (ages 2 and 7) are moving to Colorado to live with her. Due to their current limited living space it is extremely difficult for Mary and her family to spend quality time together without being overcrowded.

By partnering with Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver Mary will be able to keep her family all together through affordable homeownership. Mary is building and purchasing her home in Habitat’s Swansea Homes community. “I found out about the homeownership program through an article covering President Jimmy Carter,” Mary continues, “President Jimmy Carter is an inspiration to me. In office he was a supporter that pushed and motivated women to join the U.S Coast Guard and now he is apart of a wonderful organization that is assisting me in achieving my dream of homeownership.”

“Being able to provide my grandsons with a stable home and have my family under one roof is a blessing and I couldn’t be more excited to start the building process.”

Thank you to the sponsors, volunteers and donors of Habitat Metro Denver for supporting hardworking families like Mary’s.

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