Meet a Partner Family

March 13, 2014

Fahad Alaaed 2.jpg

Fahed, 22, is a serious planner. He doesn’t like to leave anything to chance. Proof? He hadn’t even been chosen to be a Habitat partner and in his first interview he had developed a complete sweat equity plan to help speed the process of moving him and his four immediate family members - father, Bidu, 63; mother, Mothy, 64; brother, Homoud, 25 and sister, Rokaya – into a better home.

A student, Fahed’s plan included clearing his school schedule for the semester. It laid out a timeline that would ensure the required sweat equity hours would be completed as soon as possible. He even included the option of using his vacation days if necessary. And Fahed took his third shift schedule at Echo Star into account to ensure those hours would not conflict with his Habitat commitment.

Fahed and his family have lived in Denver for the last three years and have a number of friends and family in the metro area. Their present apartment presents a number of challenges. There is only one bathroom and two bedrooms - which requires the five adults to take turns sleeping in the rooms. The stairs present mobility challenges to the parents who both use wheelchairs.

Water runs down the walls in the living room and kitchen. The electrical outlets in the bedroom don’t work. The stove isn’t vented correctly and sets off the fire alarm every time it’s used. The rent is high and is expected to go higher soon. It’s a noisy area with high police activity.

As Fahed said in the interview, “We want to better ourselves, and anything is better than this.” Fahed has worked as a material handler at Echo Star for two years.

Fahed indicated his availability includes working at construction sites four days a week. While he has used tools for other jobs, he said he appreciated the new knowledge he gained at the Building Skills 101 class.

Fahed took his family to see the new Habitat home and everyone loved it – and they’re especially looking forward to extra sleeping space since the new home has three bedrooms.  Fahed said, “We want to better ourselves and this is so much better.” And he’s not leaving anything to chance.