“Dear partners, you have ignited my future.”

May 2, 2017

Kevin (center) and Habitat staff just after Kevin signed the closing documents on his home.

Habitat homeowner Kevin recently moved into his newly renovated condominium and gave a heartfelt thanks everyone who makes affordable homeownership possible for hardworking folks like himself.

Before partnering with Habitat, Kevin struggled to afford the rising rents in Denver and hoped to achieve stability in his housing and finances. Today, he has an affordable mortgage and a stable place to live and still frequently volunteers with Habitat.

Dear Habitat Partners:

It would be remiss of me not to stop at this very moment, as I'm washing dishes, to thank Habitat graciously.

I so appreciate how our partnership, your compassion, and Love made it possible for me, and many others to acquire affordable housing!  I never thought this would be possible; my outlook on my future was grim.   
Now, I am basking in gratitude.  I am making ambitious plans and enjoying the comfort and stability of my new home.

I love the workmanship, I love the chandelier (identical to my mother's), the deep sinks, the fireplace, the appliances, the community - everything!

I will continue to sing Habitat's praises and thank God for you.  I will continue to show my support in my volunteerism.

Dear partners, you have ignited my future! Hope has returned as a result.

Sincerely, thanks.


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