For families without a decent place to live, the holidays can be the hardest time of year.

This holiday season, you can help families in need by giving the Gift of Home.



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One family who's dreaming of spending this holiday season in a warm, safe and comfortable home is Jennifer McCoy, whose home is currently under construction and is scheduled to close on December 18th… 

“I want to put a big bow on the house!” shares Jennifer. “If we can wake up on Christmas morning in our very own house, it will be the best gift we could have ever imagined.”

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Before partnering with Habitat, Jennifer spent many sleepless nights worrying about her family's future. 

“What if my kids need a new pair of shoes?” “How are we going to afford school supplies?”

Jennifer's held a full time job for the past 12 years, yet still struggles to find adequate housing that's affordable in Denver. She currently invests more than 50% of her income towards rent in order to live in a neighborhood where she and her sons feel safe.

Adding more uncertainty to Jennifer’s finances is her oldest son Liam’s serious heart condition.  Born without a pulmonary valve connecting his lungs to his heart, Liam has undergone many surgeries since the day he was born.

"I constantly worry about whether I'll be able to pay the medical bills that keep my son healthy."

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What will your Gift of Home build?:

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