Construction Support Program

The Construction Leadership Support Program (CLSP) supports the mission of Habitat Denver by training and managing skilled volunteer leadership on our construction sites. We provide a comprehensive training program and on-site support for talented and hard-working professionals to become an active part of providing simple, decent, affordable housing to local families.

Whether you're a student or graduate seeking on-site construction experience, a current construction professional seeking career development, or a veteran volunteer looking for more involved ways to continue serving our mission, CLSP is here to provide you with the training, support and flexibility to become a confident and qualified asset to any of our construction sites. We'll match you with a fulfilling role on an active, safe, and green-conscious Habitat Metro Denver construction site for real-world experience applying everything you've learned.

How do YOU want to get involved?

As a Volunteer Crew Leader

Do you love volunteering on our construction sites and want to get a little more involved as a leader? Is there one particular construction task you love more than all the others? Have you always wanted access to a comprehensive curriculum of construction training? Sounds like you’re a perfect fit for our Volunteer Crew Leader position!

You can choose your favorite construction tasks (like framing, siding, drywall, or interior trim), master that task using our training program, then teach and lead small teams of volunteers on our New Construction and Critical Home Repair sites. For more information, see our Open Positions postings for position description and application information!

As a Regular Volunteer

Do you love volunteering on our construction sites, and want to come out every week without the hassle of signing up every time? Do you want to volunteer on one site for an entire build schedule and see every aspect of construction, from framing to finish? Are you excited to learn more about how we build and become a member of our amazing Regular Volunteer group? Then we would love to welcome you in!

Regulars commit to volunteering once a week for at least a year, select and are assigned to one build at a time, and gain access to all the fun perks of being such a dedicated volunteer. Learn more here and then apply by emailing our Volunteer Coordinator, Trisha Koizumi.

As a Construction Site Intern

If you’re interested in a career in construction but need some on-site experience to start that journey, consider applying as a Habitat Denver Summer Construction Site Intern! Our interns help manage site logistics like materials management, safety policy enforcement, energy efficiency measures, and code compliance. At Habitat Denver you can tailor your experience to your personal career development goals and gain the real-world experience your future construction employer wants to see!

Learn more about how these positions are perfect for students and recent graduates, then visit our Open Positions postings for position description and application information!

As a Skilled Volunteer

If you love one or two specific construction tasks but aren’t ready to make the leap to teaching and leading volunteers, consider becoming a Skilled Volunteer! You’ll sign up to work on small crews of volunteers led by Crew Leaders on the tasks you love best, learn everything there is to know about those tasks, and be a huge benefit to our home building program by helping with the more technical aspects of those jobs.

Interested in signing up? Email the CLSP Specialist for more information.