Global Village

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Habitat for Humanity International has suspended travel for Global Village trips. We look forward to continuing our commitment to building cross-cultural relationships through our ongoing global partnerships.



Blessed with a rich diversity of cultures, religions and traditions, Nepal is also challenged by disaster and extreme poverty—with one in two Nepali living in substandard housing. Habitat Metro Denver staff and those from other U.S. Habitat affiliates look forward to future opportunities to erect permanent, disaster-resilient housing for marginalized communities in the Eastern Iowlands of Tarai.


Guatemala is an amazing country steeped in Mayan culture, beautiful landscapes and kind people. It also faces many political and social challenges; more than 90 percent of rural Guatemalan families cook over an open fire inside the home and, as a result, more than 52% of Guatemalans suffer from respiratory disease. Future global village trips will afford volunteers the opportunity to build smokeless stoves and latrines alongside Habitat for Humanity Guatemala to help families save more than $700 a year in fuel costs.

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