Build Louder

For four decades, Habitat for Humanity has helped 6.8 million people improve their living conditions by building or renovating simple, decent houses in partnership with those in need. This includes more than 2,500 individuals served by Habitat who have a safe place to fall asleep each night in Denver. While we celebrate and reflect on this progress, we know that our work in not nearly finished. Consider these facts:

  • Over the last 10 years, housing prices have increased 91 percent in the Denver metro area, while wages have only increased 27 percent.
  • Earners need to make 4 times the minimum wage to afford a median-priced rental here.

In Denver alone, we need tens of thousands of additional affordable housing units to meet the needs of people living in substandard housing. Around the world, there are nearly 2 billion people who live in slum housing and more than 100 million who are homeless. This level of need requires bold action. 

Join us. We invite you to Build Louder by raising your hammer and your voice to build a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Together, we can make a difference and help families achieve stability, strength, and self-reliance.

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Habitat Metro Denver will focus on the following policy priorities in 2016:

1. Advance Low-Income Homeownership Opportunities

Homeownership has unique potential to break the cycle of poverty and provide families with a more stable future.  Higher levels of homeownership also have broad community benefits. Policymakers at every level of government – federal, state and local – should adopt proven housing solutions that increase access to homeownership, particularly for first-time, low-income homebuyers.

2. Promote Access to Safe, Decent, Affordable Housing
Current public and private housing investments for low-income families across the housing continuum are only meeting a fraction of current need. For this reason, policymakers should act both to stimulate private investment in housing production and to provide targeted government resources to serve families beyond the reach of market-based solutions.

3. Promote Financial Stability for Individuals and Families
Individuals and families who are financially stable have enough income to pay their housing costs and utilities, buy food and clothing, pay bills and save for the future. Policymakers at all levels of government should support fair economic policies that enable low-income workers to provide for their families, build assets, and achieve self-sufficiency.  

4. Cultivate and Preserve Healthy and Vibrant Communities

Habitat for Humanity envisions communities with quality housing, access to good schools and jobs, a sense of safety and inclusion, and opportunities for civic engagement. Public officials should support policies that increase access to thriving communities, and encourage public and private investment in order to revitalize neighborhoods that have experienced disinvestment.

Support Habitats Global Campaign to Improve Access to Land for Shelter

Adequate housing is a source of strength, stability and self-reliance for families and communities around the world. As part of a global network, we support Habitat for Humanity’s advocacy campaign to change land policies and systems to ensure that more people around the world can have a decent home. Policy examples include the following: Funding for shelter, Secure land rights, Gender equality, Slum upgrading, Disaster resilience, and Housing microfinance.