Racial Equity & Housing

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Our nation has recently experienced historic levels of discourse, protests, and long-overdue demands for equity and inclusion. These movements have spurred important dialogues about racial justice and civil rights, a growing wealth gap, and the role housing plays in building equity. At Habitat for Humanity, we recognize that we must do more.

Here in Denver, our city's racial disparities in housing did not happen by accident. Systemic racist policies created them. And we will need to be intentional if we are going to fix them. Centuries of discrimination, as well as racist housing and land-use policies, have denied Black households the same access to homeownership opportunities that were offered to white households.

Historic discrimination in U.S. housing policy is one of the chief drivers of racial inequities that persist today. Organizations like ours that work within the housing sector must understand that history, and use it to inform our work.

We will, throughout our mission, advocacy and work, connect issues of racial and social injustice with historic barriers to affordable housing and work to eradicate those barriers.

Habitat for Humanity commits to being actively anti-racist and to affirming, through word and action, that Black Lives Matter, and that our communities and systems must further this fundamental truth. We invite you to learn, reflect, and advocate alongside us for policies and funding that address racial inequities in our housing systems.