Meet Elizabeth Ongu

Elizabeth and her family moved into their Habitat home earlier this year and could not be happier. Elizabeth has two sons Omot (11) and Owar (5), and a daughter Ajulu (7). They used to live in a small rental that had very poor windows, which let in cold air in the winter. When one of her windows was broken during the winter months, Elizabeth was charged for the repair and had to wait three days before management came to replace it. 

Their neighborhood was also located in an unsafe area where there were frequent issues with drugs and violence, making it dangerous for her children to play outside. In addition, her neighbors made the renting experience very unpleasant by threatening her and refusing to share yard space. 

Elizabeth applied for the Habitat homeownership program twice before being selected; she was determined and persistent. She is so happy to finally be able to provide a good, permanent place for her children to grow up. As Elizabeth puts it, she chose her house because of the “location, location, location.” She is very pleased with the easy accessibility to her work, the children’s school, the bus stop, and recreation areas. She is also thrilled with the community and feels safe and comfortable in their new neighborhood.