Vehicle Donations

You can donate an old vehicle, boat, or motorcycle to Habitat Metro Denver. Please visit Habitat for Humanity’s Cars for Homes website and begin the donation process by completing a vehicle information form.

Important Note

To ensure the sale proceeds benefit Habitat Metro Denver's work locally, please note that you heard about the program from Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver.

What can I Donate?

You can donate most vehicles, including:

  • cars;
  • trucks;
  • motorcycles;
  • recreational vehicles;
  • boats;
  • snowmobiles;
  • farm equipment; and
  • construction equipment
How does this Work?
  1. Complete the online Cars for Homes form by providing details about yourself, and the make, model, year, mileage, and condition of your vehicle. (You may alsocall 1-877-277-4344.)
  2. A member of the team will contact you to schedule a pick up, and/or collect more information. During pick up, you will sign over the vehicle's title to Habitat for Humanity.
  3. Your vehicle will be sold by a national network of auctions and direct buyers. About half of the vehicles donated to our program are resold and placed back on our roads, while auto salvage yards recycle parts from the remaining half, which saves enough power each year to power an estimated 18 million homes.
How Much of Vehicle Sales Benefit Habitat?

About 78% to 82% of the gross revenue generated from vehicle sales goes directly to Habitat for Humanity.

Will my Donation Qualify me for tax Benefits?

Yes. See details about the tax benefits of donating your vehicle.