Gift-in-Kind Donations

Habitat Metro Denver partners include corporations, churches, foundations, organizations and individual donors who donate money or Gifts in Kind (labor and materials) to fund and build our homes. You or your business can join over 66 Gift-in-Kind donors to support the construction of a Habitat home by donating materials or services.

To donate goods and/or services to support our home builds, please contact us at

To donate new and gently used items to our ReStores, please contact Donna Martin at

What are Gifts in Kind?


A Gift in Kind is a gift of materials and/or labor that has monetary value to Habitat Metro Denver. Examples of Gifts in Kind include:

  • Someone donates shingles for which Habitat Metro Denver would have otherwise had to pay cash.
  • A plumber donates his/her time to install plumbing.
  • Someone donates land on which to build a home.
  • Someone donates a home to be renovated.
  • Someone donates overstock home improvement goods to be sold at our ReStores.

How are Gifts in Kind valued and tracked?

  • Donors submit a form listing gifts and their value.
  • Donors will receive a thank you letter acknowledging their donation.
  • Habitat Metro Denver accounts for Gifts in Kind in its bookkeeping by assigning a value for what it would have to pay for the materials or labor.
  • The donor is responsible for assigning a fair market value to the Gift in Kind for his or her own tax purposes.