Our Homes

Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver is dedicated to building decent and affordable homes.

Habitat Metro Denver homes vary in style and type. Our architects carefully design each home to be aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient. We build single-family homes, duplexes, and townhome developments across the metro Denver region. In addition to new construction, we partner with families in Denver’s Globeville and Elyria-Swansea neighborhoods to complete home repairs on existing houses. To learn more about our Home Repair program, please click here.

Our homes are not only affordable to purchase, but also affordable to maintain.  Nearly all Habitat Metro Denver homes are built to the three EPA New Home Guidelines: ENERGY STAR, WaterSense and Indoor airPlus. Building to these standards not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions, but also helps homeowners save on energy costs. In fact, when compared to a code-built home, Habitat Metro Denver homes save between 30 – 40% in heating and electric use.

Green Construction Design Elements

Heating: Habitat homes are oriented to maximize south-facing window exposure and take advantage of passive solar heating in the winter.

Location: Habitat builds homes in neighborhoods with close access to public transportation, schools, and places for employment. Homeowners are able to cut fuel costs and decrease commute time, thereby reducing their carbon footprint.

Indoor Air Quality: By placing windows on opposite and adjacent walls, Habitat ensures that its homes receive adequate cross-ventilation. Habitat homes’ crawl spaces have 50 cubic feet per minute of continuous-run crawl space fans. In addition, Habitat homes incorporate non-toxic, low-voc primers and paints.

Efficiency Features: Habitat Metro Denver homes include ENERGY STAR products such as refrigerators, front-loading washers, and LED bulbs. To facilitate additional utility savings, Habitat Metro Denver incorporates features like tankless water heaters, 90% efficient furnaces, and low-flow toilets. 

Energy-Efficient Housing Communities

2013-2016: Sable Ridge Townhomes
This 51-townhome community in northeast Denver meets the EPA New Home Guidelines: ENERGY STAR, WaterSense and Indoor airPlus.

2012: Golden Duplex
Habitat Metro Denver was the first affordable housing builder in the country to build homes that meet the EPA New Home Guidelines: ENERGY STAR, WaterSense and Indoor airPlus.

2010: Bails Townhome Community
This 24-townhome, transit-oriented development integrated green building strategies to reduce the negative impact on water quality, air pollution, global warming and the depletion of natural resources.

2009: LEED Homes
Habitat Metro Denver built two Platinum LEED-certified homes.

2008: 11-Home Solar Community
Habitat Metro Denver developed a pilot program to test the cost-saving benefits of solar power by installing solar panels on 11 homes in Aurora.

2005: Net-Zero Energy Home
In partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Habitat built a home that produces more energy than it consumes.