Rough Plumbing Subcontractors

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Site generally clean and safe
  • We do a great job cleaning for our electricians, but Doug would appreciate a clean site too
  • If you leave an empty trash bin for him, it will be appreciated
Check joists and walls against plumbing layout
Phase I - Crawl space access ladder installed
  • Use PHILIPS HEAD SCREWS ONLY to attach to framing, so they can be quickly removed later by subcontractors when necessary
Phase I - Clean Out Sump-Pump Pit
  • Use a shop-vac to get it generally clean and dry
Phase I/II - Stairs to 2nd story installed
  • Sometimes Doug does starts Phase I while 2nd story is still inaccessible
  • Coordinate with Doug about your schedule and when the stairs will be in
Phase II - Prep tubs