Rough Electrical Subcontractors

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Building Dried In
  • Roof
  • Windows
  • Doors
HVAC Complete
Plumbing Complete
Siding Sections Installed & Painted
  • Behind electrical panel
  • Exterior GFCI locations
  • Front and back lights
Dead wood Installed
  • Adding deadwood around electrical wires after the fact is very tedious
Attic Access Installed or Identified
  • Location is called out on the plans
       •   However, it is best not placed where falling out could result in falling down stairwells
  • An installed access is ideal, but at minimum mark where the opening will be so that the attic light is placed accordingly
House Cleaned Out
  • All material should be removed completely from the house
    Electricians will be working along all walls and ceilings in the middle of the room
  • Floors should be swept
       •   There will be many electricians in a small space, often using ladders
  • Leave an empty trash can inside the house or nearby
       •   This will minimize the trash and debris to clean up later
No Volunteers in House
  • Keep volunteers outside or in units the electricians aren't working in on the days of the rough-in
Propane and Heaters if Below Freezing
  • If blue electical boxes are frozen, they will break when wires are run through them