Roof Subcontractors

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  • Over-Framing complete
  • Fire-wall cut down and capped with C-track
  • Sub-Fascia installed
  • Sheathing OSB and Flameblock in a 2nd story bedroom
  • H-clips provided
  • Fall protection D-rings provided
       •   Temporary
       •   Permanent
Dry-In and Mid-Roof Shingles
  • Roofers generally provide their own
       •   Ice & Water Shield
       •​   Roofing Paper
       •​   Shingles
  • Make sure the Mid-Roof shingles do not cover areas that will have penetrations later
       •   This would require a shingle repair later, and it's harder on the plumbing and HVAC subcontractors
  • All penetrations complete
       •   Plumbing
       •   HVAC
       •   Solar Tubes (if necessary)
  • Necessary boots and flashing on site
       •   HVAC should leave their caps on site, but they are sometimes not provided, lost, or taken off-site with the extra HVAC materials
       •   Doug leaves the boots for his pipes
  • Trim siding installed along roof line
       •   This ensures that the drip edge flashing covers the trim properly
  • Roof-to-Wall flashing installed
       •   It can also be provided for the roofers to install, as long as the blueboard/siding does not already cover where it needs to tie in
Safety Concerns
  • Make sure persons working on the roof use harnesses and D-rings for fall protection