Insulation Subcontractors

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Framing projects completed

See Framing Punch List for complete task list.

Prioritize projects in the:

  • Exterior and party walls
  • Ceilings and rimboard
Seal exterior walls
  • Any sheathing that wasn't caulked tightly to the studs should be caulked from the inside
  • Exterior plates that weren't caulked to the floor should be caulked from the inside
  • Foam any gaps between studs that is too small for fiber insulation
Mark studs and boxes

Marking before insulation is installed helps you find studs quickly later, and make sure no electircal boxes were buried underneath the insulation fluff or paper.

  • Red marking paint: studs
  • Blue marking paint: electrical boxes and other openings on walls and ceilings
Confirm plates over all important installations
  • Nail plates over electical wire holes
  • Boca plates and FHA straps over pipes and ducts cutting holes in wall plates
  • Boca plates spanning blocking cut back by pipes in laundry room and kitchen
Slide blueboard behind HVAC ducts
  • These cavities are often too skiny to fiber insulation to fill well
  • If you give the blueboard to HVAC subcontractors, they can do it for you during their rough instead