Flooring Subcontractors

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Subfloor should be generally swept and clean
  • The floor only MUST be vacuum cleaned if there are known allergy issues for the Partner Family 
Mark out tile and carpet transitions
  • Confirm if dining room is tile or carpet
  • Mark where tile forms pathways or ends
  • Generally you can follow the plans, but sometimes walkwasys are altered
Remove squeaks from floor with screws
  • Securing the subfloor to joists and floor trusses is much easier to do before tile makes it inaccessible or carpet hides where each joist interaction occurs
  • Do not install doors or baseboard in tile areas or transitions until the tile has been completed
       •   This includes bathroom doors
  • All tile is provided by Habitat via the warehouse
       •   Request this at least 2 weeks in advance for delivery to site
  • Lorenzo provides lath, thin-set, and grout
  • Plan to be out of the house for 1-2 weeks, unless otherwise coordinated with Lorenzo
       •   Most entryways and exits will be blocked
       •   Windows can be used as access, but try to minimize their use
  • Make sure there is access to water
  • Have Richie measure for carpet 
       •   This can be done as soon as walls are up and tile separations defined, don’t wait till the last minute!
  • Confirm the carpet color via the Partner Family’s selection
  • Schedule at least 1-2 weeks before close or dedication, to make sure it is completed
  • Stair toeboard must be removed
  • All baseboard should be installed on carpeted areas
  • Do as much touch-up paint in carpeted areas as possible
       •   Painting on top of carpet is dangerous, put down carpet mask later if you must
  • After carpet is installed, put extra pieces in the crawl space for the family
       •   Carpet scrap is also useful as temporary door mats