Insulation & Rough EnergyLogic Inspections

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Exterior and ceiling outlets caulked
caulked_ceiling_box_web.jpg caulked_wall_box_web3.jpg
Insulation installed properly
  • Check for gaps behind california corners
  • Should be fully fluffed, never crumpled or compressed
Faced insulation on exterior walls, Unfaced on party walls
  • Faced insulation provides a vapor barrier
  • Debatably our vapor barrier is provided by the drywall and its layers of paint, but some inspectors still expect faced insulation on all exteriors
Save paper from unfaced insulation for verification
  • Only Sheridan has ever asked for this

Bathroom vents wrapped in insulation
  • Only need to insulate above where ceiling or blown-in insulation will settle
  • Use foil-backed pipe wrap insulation

Rough EnergyLogic

All duct floor vents are found/covered for duct blast
  • If one is left un-covered, the test will show a higher leakage than there is