How To Call Inspections

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Sheridan Inspections
  • Must be called before 3:00 PM the business day before the desired inspection
       •   Inspections can also be scheduled more than one business day in advance
  • Call (303)762-2200 and give them the address(es) and permit number
  • Request each individual inspection, and be very specific
       •   Ex: Framing AND Fire-Caulking
  • An inspector will come out the next business day unless otherwise requested, generally in the time windows listed below







Check_Mark_web2.png Check_Mark_web2.png


Check_Mark_web2.png Check_Mark_web2.png Check_Mark_web2.png
Denver Inspections

For direct information, head to their website

  • Call the automated inspection line at (720)865-2501 before 12 AM (midnight)
       •   Due to the high volume of requests, they recommend calling earlier to ensure a next-day inspection
  • Enter the eight-digit Automated Inspection Request Number located at the top right of your permit
       •   Ex: 09123456
       •   This is permits issued after June 8, 2015,  (Example: 09123456)
  • Press 1 - to confirm the number they say back to you
  • Enter the 3-digit Inspection code
        Construction Permit Codes:

            Footing 100 
            Foundation Wall 101 
            Foundation Perimeter Drain 102 
            Waterproofing 103 
            Frost Wall Insulation 104 
            Exterior Sheathing 105 
            Batt Insulation 106 
            Drywall 107 
            Final 108 
            Other 109 
            Exterior Lath 111 
            Frame 112 
            2nd Story Attachment, Basement Structural Floor 112 
            Pre Construction Meeting 113 
            Bulk Plane 114 
            Set Backs 115 
            Building Slab 116 
            Temporary Certificate of Occupancy 120 
            Certificate of Occupancy 121 
            Blown Insulation 200
  • Press 1 - Number of floors to be inspected. 
       •   This is ALWAYS 1 for us, even if they will go "upstaris"
  • Write down the varification/confirmation number

On the morning of the inspection, call 720-865-2505 after 9 AM and press 6 to speak to a representative to get your inspection window.