Final EnergyLogic Inspection

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Seal sump pump lid
  • Cut down the black plastic surround of the pit, to the level of the surrounding crawl space concrete floor
  • Either repurpose the original black lid and add a small window, or create a new lid out of a sheet of acrylic 
       •   24"x48" Acrylic Sheet from Home Depot
  • Seal lid to concrete with window or fire foam
  • Seal lid to pipe with clear construction tape
  • Confirm that the sump pump is plugged in and recieving power from provided GFCI
Seal all crawl space penetrations
CS_holes_web.jpg rimboard_gap_web.jpg
  • Gas pipe from gas meter
  • Wastewater pipe exiting crawlspace
     •   Foam pipe leaving crawl
       •   Seal rocks on floor with heavy duty plastic and foam
  • Sill/Joist/Rimboard interactions
  • Foam between the sill seal and concrete
  • Gaps in rimboard 
       •   Especially check on the party wall where rim board meets 
Attic Access Completed
  • Weatherstripping installed where lid rests on trim
  • Gate hook and eye holding lid down
  • R-38 insulation stapled to back of lid
House generally closed/sealed
  • Weatherstripping in place on front and back door
  • All windows closed
  • This affects the blower-door test
Bathroom fans working
  • Must also be set at the right speed by HVAC
  • This is tested specifically by EnergyLogic
Furnace/Thermostat/House fan working
  • This is used for the bedroom pressure tests