1st Subfloor Inspection

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All sills and bolts installed
  • If trimming the bolts to below the height of the subfloor, keep 3 threads of the bolt exposed above the nut, to keep the bolt from moving
  • Bolts should be within 4”-12” of the end of the any sill
  • Bolts should generally be every 4' along the sill (check plans for more detail)
All joists installed
  • Set into sills: 2- 16d galv nails
  • Set into rimboard: 1- 16d nail
  • Hangers: galv ticos into sills, all other required hanger holes filled
  • Set into 2x4 glued to I-beam: 2- 16d nails
Princess walk set
  • Screw down a row of subfloor near party wall, so both units’ sill connections can be inspected
  • Have as many walks as there are fire walls
No subfloor covering joist/sill connections
  • It can be temporarily installed with screws, so other rows can be fully installed, but it must be removed for the inspection