Framing Punch List

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Blocking & Backing

Ladder blocking
Kitchen blocking
Bathroom blocking
Closet blocking
Drywall clips
Fire blocking
Stair handrail backing
Baseboard backing

Framing Supports

Porch blocking
Squash blocks

These support and transfer loads through the house.  Check:

  • Window jacks & kings
  • Stud packs- double and triple studs

If there is not a truss or joist beneath stud to transfer loads in subfloor, they must be added all the way down until concrete foundation.

Drop studs

For half-walls, generally at the top of stairwells, entry ways, and kitchens

  • Cut out hole the size of a stud through the bottom plate and subfloor using paddle bits, sawzalls, etc.
  • Common framing attachments: rimboard, joists, framing T-ed off from joists
  • Brace stud (cut to size) from half-wall cap down to framing and secure while holding wall plumb
  • If you extend drop stud on outside of half-wall to make the wall longer, make sure it doesn't impinge on 36" minimum hallway width
Ceiling bracing

This is for full-height walls that need to be held plumb.  Most commonly on kitchen walls and bathroom tub walls.

  • Install a block between the joists/trusses directly above the end of the wall, with its bottom flush with the bottom of the joists/trusses
  • Plumb the wall and nail its top securely into the block

Roof System

Frieze blocking
Hurricane clips
Truss clips

Stairwell Framing

2x4 wall sealing HVAC air intake off
"Hobbit" door
Angled walls ending at stringer

Sealing Envelope

Fire foam envelope

Foam where marked in orange above:

  • Lowest floor bottom plate to firewall
  • Vertical corners to firewall
  • Top floor top plate to firewall
  • Truss gable to firewall
Fire foam penetrations

Use fire foam alone, or use thermoply & foam for larger penetrations

  • Exterior penetrations through sheathing
  • Vertical penetrations through wall plates
  • Floor penetrations that tile will not seal
       •   Hole below tubs & shower drains
       •   HVAC air intake pipe
       •   Plumbing pipes through floor (not required, but some inspectors want to see it)
  • Penetrations that drywall will not seal
       •   Behind tub walls to ceiling & exterior wall
       •   Knee walls to exterior walls
       •   Range hood soffit to ceiling & exterior wall
  • Holes where interior walls to exterior walls
Window & Door foam
Rock Wool
Rimboard Blueboard
Caulk outlet boxes
Fill sheathing, floor, stud gaps

Framing Tasks

Attic access
Range hood soffit
Knee walls