Liam's Story

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When you meet Liam McCoy, he seems like your typical 8-year old boy.  He exudes energy and excitement, and smiles with a glint of mischief in his eyes.  You would never know that Liam was born with a serious heart condition.  In fact, Liam’s first surgery happened when he was just three days old.

Liam’s mom, Jennifer, works hard to make his life as fun, carefree and normal as possible.  Despite having so many heart surgeries that they’ve lost count, Liam stays positive and finds joy in some of the perks that his condition provides, including going to a special “heart camp” this past summer for kids who, like him, have suffered from way too many hospital stays in their young lives.

Jennifer McCoy puts all of her energy into creating a safe, healthy and comfortable home for Liam and his little brother, Finn.  Despite working a full time job where she’s been for 12 years, Jennifer has struggled to find adequate housing that’s affordable in Denver.  She’s currently investing more than 50% of her monthly income towards rent, leaving little leftover for extras – including the mounting medical bills from Liam’s ongoing treatment. 

When Jennifer found out she was selected to become a Habitat homeowner, she immediately drove Liam and Finn to the site of their new home.  Liam can’t wait to meet new friends in the neighborhood and is “excited to have a yard” where he can play Star Wars with his little brother.


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